Project Management Solutions University programs and curricula are designed to train high-performance workforce including but not limited to project, program, and Information technology leaders. The objective of PMSU is to search for and apply sustainable solutions to project, program, and IT management problems and to prepare students with the skill set required to build the 21st Century economic engines of the world. PMSU believes that any country that efficiently applies PM well-tested standards and methodologies will maximize the return on capital in a sustainable fashion and break loose, by 98%, the specter of bureaucracy, lack of productivity, time mismanagement, ambiguous and sluggish budgetary process, and financial mismanagement in a decade.

PMSU Training Program

PMSU 21st Century workforce training programs will align academic planning and program delivery with rapidly changing workforce developments, respond to the growing needs for lifelong learning, offer unique high-priority, innovative and flexible educational programs in applied and professional studies, and focus on professional education for a growing adult off-campus clientele.

PMSU Research Institute

Our Research Institute investigates the causes of project and program management success and failure and searches for solutions that amplify the chance of delivering programs and projects, maximizing the return of capital, and sustaining organizational competitiveness in the competitive 21st Century global marketplace. The Research Institute intends to conduct scholarly or scientific research study by applying a hybrid of qualitative and quantitative project and program management research methodologies.

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