Fundamentals of Research

The purpose of this article is to write a paper on the fundamentals of a doctoral research project. The fact that the validity and reliability of research results is a sine qua non in doctoral program, (Krizman, 2011) (Venkatesh, Brown, & Bala, 2013, p. 34), the conduct of any well-collated research studies requires approaches and procedures that are universally acceptable, reliable and can be verifiable. The article attempts to integrate the concepts of validity and reliability and the function of critical thinking and logic. This article is divided into sixth categories. The first category defines research and explains its meanings. The second part outlines a research goal setting and its importance to achieving a research project. The third describes and defines tools that well-thought-out researchers use to verify the validity and reliability of research outcomes. The fourth explains critical thinking and logic and the fifth reviews common pitfalls in human reasoning. The sixth, which is the conclusion, summarizes the paper. A list of annotated bibliography including references is also cited at the end.

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