Global Project Consulting Group, LLC.


Global Project Consulting Group is a United States Virginia-based project management company. Founded in 2009 to provide PM, PMO, Green projects, and project portfolio management sustainable offerings. Creativity, innovation, advanced knowledge, and industrial experience are keys to our success.  

Take project and business to new heights

We integrate benefits realization and green project management plans into project management master plan and focus on completing project and business deliverables when they are most needed.


Project Management Solution University

Manage your business and project with Confidence

PMSU is a nonprofit company that is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt not-for-profit organization that provides educational and professional development and mentoring services to Liberian, African, and the world. It’s being incorporated in NJ. Once inaugurated, PMSU will have a reputation for being a leader in the nonprofit sector with its state-of-the-art services and business-like operations.

Boost your team skill level and performance

The mission of Project Management Solutions University is to educate and train high performance workforce to build and manage the 21st Century economic engines-information technology infrastructure, roads, bridges, manufacturing capacities through the application of project management concepts, templates, smart technologies, and ISO standards.

African Marketplace

Expand your business in Africa with Confidence

The African Marketplace is a New Jersey State and Republic of Liberia based limited liability corporation. 


Discover a target market and expand your organization

To provide a viable marketing platform that businesses and institutions can use to promote trade through collaboration and partnerships



What Our customers Say

I am writing to recommend Mr. Abu Mohammed Fofana for the project management position. I have known Mr. Fofana since 2012 as a project manager and co-worker. He is a knowledgeable, reliable, resourceful, dedicated worker, technologically competent, hard-working, and a great leader and communicator. Our company accomplished its business goals beyond expectation when we recruited Mr. Fofana to manage, plan, and implement several of our international and complex construction projects. He was able to organize and coordinate a different team of diverse professionals and stakeholders across multiple states, countries, and continents. An effort which necessitated his collaboration with, sharing of project information, and presenting project progress reports to various functional leaders, executives, and board of directors.
He exceedingly met our overarching objectives and goals through his experience in contract compliance, proposal writing, risk identification; strategic assessment; project monitoring, and control and application of technological solutions to effectively track our project’s progress.


CEO, President
Alpha Synergy, Inc.
1 877-744-8842 Extension 1

It is a great pleasure to give my highest possible recommendation for Abu Fofana for the PMO management position. I have known Mr. Fofana for nearly eight years. He has consistently demonstrated the ability to work independently as well as collectively with great creativity and enthusiasm. His perseverance, initiative, teamwork skills, and intellectual creativity are quite impressive. Since his performance, creativity, proactive communication skills, and leadership have never faltered since I’ve known him, I am confident he would be a very positive asset to your research program.
If I can be of any further assistance, or provide you with any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.
(work) 804-730-5334


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