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Gallup polls launched to determine if the cost of NASA project is justified. The Apollo mission in 1969 cost the U.S. a substantial $177 billion (in 2019 dollars), kickstarting innovations and advancements that have changed the face of many U.S. technology sectors in the decades since.

NASA Solar Eclipse Project

Nasa astronauts predicted, in 2017, that 14 states including Oregon and South Carolina would be in the path of the eclipse totality and two minutes of darkness in the middle of the day. It happened exactly as the astronauts estimated or predicted. View the video and tell me what it says about the power of knowledge and therefore the ability to better estimate project management activities.


The G20 Flagship Projects give an overview of best practices and projects promoting education, employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for women and girls in the digital economy. G20 countries are successfully implementing projects, domestic and abroad (in partner countries), which address the barriers to women’s access to and use of ICT. From advocacy and capacity building to outreach and communication, from research and training to funding – the projects cover a wide variety of topics.

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