Our Objective & Goals

PMSURI pursues two objectives as follows:

To investigate the causes of project and program management success and failure and search for solutions that amplify the chance of delivering programs and projects, maximizing the return of capital, and sustaining organizational competitiveness in the 21st Century global marketplace.

To ensure the project and program management research study conducted under the auspices of PMSURI Research is not tainted by potential bias, conflict of interests, and internal and external invalidity that may affect or appear to affect the objectivity of the research results.


  1. provide assurance to funding agencies and to the public that research at the Research Institute is conducted in accordance with the highest ethical standards.
  2. Promote objectivity in research by ensuring that PMSURI and affiliated organization-funded research is free from bias due to conflict of interest.
  3. Ensure institutions and individual researchers disclose their financial interest no later than the commencement of the conduct of the research.
  4. Gather qualitative and quantitative data to identify PM constraints and failures.
  5. Gather quantitative and qualitative data to identify project and program management successes
  6. Gather qualitative and quantitative data to identify sustainable solutions to project and program management causes.
  7. Foster an environment that stimulates and encourages innovation and entrepreneurship
  8. Ensures that PMSURI research studies comply with local, national, and international regulations and ethical standards.

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