It Takes Two to Tango

Recent research studies conducted on aspects of project management reminds us of the classic tale of the six blind men (researchers) and the elephant (phenomenon). According to the story, each one of the blind men touched and observed a separate body part of the elephant including its side, tusk, trunk, tail, ear, and knee. The front of the elephant was construed to be a wall; the tooth, a spear; the nose, a snake; the tail, a rope; the ear, a fan; and the knee, a tree by the first, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth blind men respectively.

Every one of the six men felt adamant about his assertion and the different epistemological claim about the phenomenon (the elephant) until a sighted person explained that each man had touched and observed only a part of the same reality or phenomenon. In other words, there are stark theoretical differences and disagreements among theories written to explain the world of project management and the complexity involved in managing and achieving project objective. Each theory or theorist continues to focus primarily on a part instead of the whole spectrum of the phenomenon despite the dismal failure of projects across industries to achieve success. PMSU Research team will focus on the “elephant” as a whole instead of emphasizing a part of the phenomenon.

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