Relationship building (why and how)

 The effects of PPGE increases project and business complexity (chaos) or mortality rate. It also heightens tension, conflict, risk, and makes tradeoffs tougher and, sometimes, impossible (Thamhain, 2013). Micro, meso, and macro training or learning and knowledge employees can alter and transform a chaotic situation (weakness) to a strength. This transformation is achievable through the efforts of knowledge practitioners who are self-organized, collaborative, and self-sustained.

PMT 2.0 measures or predicts PM success or failure and guides practitioners to understand PPGE semantics through three necessary conceptualizations explained in a five-step process (See Appendix M). The elements of this tripartite conceptualization are as follows: projectification, programification, and globalization escalation (PPGE), complex, chaotic, uncertain, and nonlinear phenomena (CCUNP), and mortality (failure).
PPGE is defined as the predictor, mortality, the outcome, and CCUNP, the mediator. CCUNP is related to or associated with PPGE and mortality. PPGE’s expansion directly impacts mortality and indirectly elevates the CCUNP level of complexity. Stated differently, the mediator explains the extent to which the predictor (PPGE) influences or controls the outcome (mortality) (Karazsia, Berlin, Amstrong, Janicke, and Darling, 2013). If the mediating effects contradict what is observed, the mediator becomes ineffective.
This study indicates that an essential part of the performance stagnation and doldrums in PM is the absence of 21st-century organic governance as well as efficient knowledge of and application of technology. The wise and competent knowledge practitioners can create novel working approaches, unleash innovation and creativity, and turn chaotic, complex, and unpredictable phenomena into unimagined success (Gelso, 2006; Harlow, 2009, 2010; Wacker, 1998).

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